Good Servant But Bad Master | Original Artwork


‘Good Servant But Bad Master’ portrays mankind’s problematic relationship with fossil fuels such as oil. The effects of the image arise, among other things, through a combination of water-based acrylic paints with oil-based (spray) paints, which illustrate the topic as picture-in-picture: Although the economy and technical innovations give a ‘nice look’, catastrophes such as in the Persian Gulf Crisis (1991) and the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (2010) show that this advance can also have its downsides. The picture is part of the ‘Rate Of Loss’ series, which deals with various man-made environmental disasters, both figuratively and thematically.

Acrylics And Spraypaint On Canvas, Ø90 CM, signed.


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Dimensions 90 × 90 × 1,6 cm

Acrylics and oil on canvas


Ø90 CM X 1.6 CM


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