Max Ruebensal

— Contemporary Artist from Germany

Don’t you hate it when people don’t look over their pond? Since growing up, I always felt like I should be ashamed for wanting to be different, and for wanting to question and challenge anything that was perceived as ‘the norm’.

In today’s adult world, I think that these attributes are what make my life more interesting, opportunistic and most of all, enjoyable. Interacting with art in any way makes me think about things differently, which makes me to a better person that doesn’t take anything for granted and always strives to be a more compelling human being.

It’s why I’m creating physical manifestos of bold statements, rather than crafting one message to perfection. I combine different techniques, influences of pop culture and my passion for technology to new ideas that challenge your thinking.

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Growing up in a small, far-off village in South Germany I quite early resorted to creating and thinking as my way of variety and entertainment. My first ‘serious’ creation gig was when I was asked to design a shirt for my dad’s local sports club, which made so much fun that I spent all my teenage years doing shirt designs for senior classes – whatever it was, as long as I could make something. special, ‘different’ and ‘out-of-the-box’. Eventually I was told what every teenager gets told when he finishes high school: Study something valuable or get a decent job!

In my resistance, I decided to travel around the world for one year where I discovered Australia, New Zealand, Hawai’i, the USA and most of all, my inner self. Since then it has been my quest to express myself as a abundant artist.

For years I’ve struggled because I didn’t have a signature style and took many creative endeavours such as forming an art collective and creating an interior design brand. Today I know that my creativity and variety are my strengths, and that I shouldn’t limit myself to any technique or material, when there are things that matter so much more: My ideas, my thoughts as a human being and the message I want to convey.

Thoughts can move the world, and a group of comitted thinkers can basically change anything. My art wants to challenge your thinking, where we can gather together to form a creative community that questions, creates, and most important: Makes a change!

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