Max Ruebensal

— Contemporary Artist from Berlin, Germany

Max Ruebensal is a German painter, sculptor and conceptual artist. As an upcoming artist he focusses on various contemporary and political topics as well as the growing digitalization of our environment. He therefore reinterprets well-known, strong symbols and incorporates them into his contrasty and vibrant works.

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As one of 3 children Ruebensal grows up in a small village in South Germany. He starts designing textiles as a teenager, then works in various creative fields, but eventually graduates towards painting and sculpture art. He initially explores the peculiarities and structures of our human bodies, which he examines in anatomical sculptures and installations.

2015 he begins shifting towards abstract painting while simultaneously moving to Passau. Ever since he has occupied himself with various fluid techniques, which act as a base structure that are then further processed.

Driven by his desire for intellectual sensations and his addiction to new ideas, his ‘out-of-the-box’ approach is characteristic for his work ethic. This places him among a great tradition of multipotentialite artists.

Asthetically his works are characterized by a carefully chosen but colorfully vibrant contrast, which illustrates his goal to provoke the viewer in a well-thought manner.

Influences of pop culture meet his variety of techniques, innovational spirit and passion for technology, and are transformed into physical manifestos that seek to challenge the thinking of their observer.

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Philosophieren in physischer Form: Die multidimensionale Abstraktkunst von Nachwuchskünstler Max Ruebensal

Die satten Farben und die frischen, lebendigen Kontraste fallen sofort ins Auge, wenn man die Kunst…


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Dear 2019, … ✍🏻✉️

Zum Ende des Jahres möchte ich mich noch einmal gebührend beim Jahr 2019 und dem Jahrzehnt…

Dissecting my role as a human magpie

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