2020 is just under the belt and here we will continue – artistically speaking – exactly where we left of last year: With symbolism, Finding Identity and the real, big questions.

Hence no wonder that my most recent artwork is confronting you with these very topics:

Soothsayers - Max Ruebensal

Soothsayers (Wahrsager)

The pattern reminds me of tree rings, which are a fascinating concept because you can actually tell a lot by the form and size of these rings…

"Was the tree healthy or ill? Was he standing in the shade of other trees or did he have the perfect condition and/or nutrition to grow quickly?"

In macro perspective, this is like a visual representation of the tree’s life and history…

…similar to how we are leaving our digital footprint in the internet today. 🌐⁣

What would our rings tell the world?

Have you been healthy or did something make you ill?

Did you put yourself in the shade of others, or did you grow to your majesty? 

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