Heartquake, 2017

Heartquake, 2017

Sold | Verkauft

The motive of climate change in art is by no means a modern phenomenon: The many winter scenes of Dutch painting of the seventeenth century, as an example, used by meteorologists as a reservoir for retrospective weather forecasts, were the reflex to the temperature decline in the Little Ice Age. Contemporary works, however, are driven by the climate changes of the last and coming decades, and tend to primarily argue in the opposite direction.

Heartquake, part of the sculpture series heArt (2014), attempts to raise awareness of climate change and seeks to bring the issue out of the isolated scientific sphere into the cultural scene. The work demonstrates the role of art as a vehicle for raising awareness. Properly applied, art can make gray walls colorful, collapse, make a promise for change, and provoke a better future.

The series heArt illuminates the beauty / fascination of anatomy from new angles. In the series, the artist’s passion for the human heart is transformed into a series of modern plaster sculptures that make the transition from a classical perception to function as a canvas. It manages to take the multi-layered connotation of the heart into art and transforms it into new messages.

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