Akrophilia, 2017

Akrophilia, 2017

Sold | Verkauft

The ego is probably the worst deceiver that an individual mind can be exposed to. This relies, from a psychological point of view, on several aspects. The thoughts of the ego have a special camouflage, writes author Leonard Jacobson: "It disguises his thoughts as your thoughts, your feelings as your feelings. You think: That's you." The human desire to protect one's ego knows little or no limits. Many become liars, some cheat, even steal or kill to preserve what is known as "ego boundaries" in psychology. In this case, the mind is the unknown prisoner. Even in religion the ego manifests itself as the devil. However, only few realize the intelligence of the ego: the creation of the devil as a personification of evil is a practical scapegoat and serves as obscuration tactic. Thus is the greatest enemy of oneself his inner perception and his own ignorance.

Acrophilia represents the true character of this distorted view. In reply to current events in e.g. the USA it also places a special focus on the events surrounding the theft of Anomalisa and the ensuing mockery in the form of vandalism. The work is, therefore, also a counter-reaction in which art is transformed into a messenger. The combination with the grafitti stands in contrast to another quotation from Banksy, which was used by the thief as an argument of self justice and condescension in destructive form. Thus, the work demonstrates the instrumentalisation of art to current aspects.

The series heArt illuminates the beauty / fascination of the human anatomy from new angles. In the course of his series, Max Ruebensal turned his passion into a series of modern gypsum sculptures for the human heart, which process from a classical perception to a functional canvas. It is a trial of taking the complex connotation of the heart into art and transforming it into new messages.

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