Dear 2019,
It’s time to say goodbye to you. It’s also time to say goodbye to a decade that has formed me as a human being, individual and as an artist. ✨
And as I sit down here and revise my year in numbers, there’s only one thing I can say: I am thankful. 🥳
Thankful for all the experiences. For all the ups and downs. For all the places I’ve seen. And especially, for all the new people I’ve met. 👥
For all the 670 people that came to my workshops. 🎨
For the 42 artists I spoke to about their challenges, ambitions and plans for their life as an artist. 👨🏻‍🎨
For the 13 new collectors that value my art and my artistic vision. 🖼
And for the countless experiments and artworks I have done in these past 52 weeks. I’ll make sure to keep better track, so that I can pinpoint a number of you in the future aswell.
A lot of things have happened. It’s only when I start to look back, that I come to realize that.
But all of this has 1 constant: You.
Thank you that you’re with me.
I’m looking forward to this new year and this new decade. 🎆