Tolerance, 2017

Tolerance, 2017

Sold | Verkauft

The idea
The wall that separates
Disguised in honorable robes Preached to children "Tolerance"

Am I to be tolerated?
Just because I am different?
White, black, brown or yellow
Straight or gay
Christian - A Jew - Perhaps I am Muslim
I am painted with many brushes
A part of humanity's inconsistancies

When you tolerate
You hold yourself in high esteem Above - Not beside
You grace me with your temporary favor
You disguise me with your perceptions
You make me a little less distasteful For a moment - Perhaps a day
You feel proud for not looking away

I do not seek tolerance
Like you I wish to be valued Included - Understood -
To be seen in loving ways
Maybe not today -
Perhaps tomorrow
Labels Will disappear with all our sorrow

For me I am you
I am the many and the few
Waiting for my turn
Will this be my day
To be heard and have a say

For me

Tolerance by Richard Lamoureux

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