My Shore - Max Ruebensal

My Shore, 2018

Sold | Verkauft

Every once in a while, I stumble upon an artwork where I don't really know how it's been made. It's the techniques that fascinate me the most - and it ignites a circle of trial and error to figure these things out. But I really love playing 'detective" because I feel that whether I will use the newly learned skill in the same way or not, it will enhance my overall understanding and approach to art in general, and hence my art. What is very important for me is that I can give the artwork 'a touch of mine' which means that I not just copycat another person's work, but that I take his approach and form something completely new and exciting out of it. Normally it also involves to buy a certain amount of new tools and stuff, which, when being on a budget, can really slow things down. But I withstand to my commitment of the "year of do" - so I went on and finally finished the first of three projects with 'new techniques'. Let me know what you think about my first trial of acrylic pouring and how you like my own touch to it. I'm super excited to share the other ones to you as well.

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